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    SANY Rough-terrain Crane

    Product Center
    SANYSRC550HRough-terrain Crane

    1. SANY SRC550H Rough-terrain Crane

    Overall length14000 mmOverall width3300 mmOverall height3760 mmWheel base4000 mmWheel track2502mm……

    SANYSRC550Rough-terrain Crane

    2. SANY SRC550 Rough-terrain Crane

    Maximum Lifting Capacity55tMain boom & jib340kN.mFull extension35.8m……

    SANYSRC350Rough-terrain Crane

    3. SANY SRC350 Rough-terrain Crane

    Max rated lifting capacity35tFully extended boom31.5mOverall length12150 mmOverall width2625 mmOverall height3410 mm……

    SANYSRC350Rough-terrain Crane

    4. SANY SRC350 Rough-terrain Crane

    ● Imported Cummins diesel engine with 6 cylinders brings outstanding rough terrain travelling capability. Max gradeability: 75%. Travel speed with 12.3 t load: 1.6 km/h.● 31.5-meter and high-strength structural steel boom and optimized ……

    SANYSRC550HRough-terrain Crane

    5. SANY SRC550H Rough-terrain Crane

    ●3-D simulation design improves fit and finish, precision and reliability.●Outstanding off-road capacity and traveling capacity with load. Max. gradeability:75%. Capability of travelling with 20t load at the speed of 4km/h.● High-stre……


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